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Our mission is to provide quality veterinary services at an affordable price. We love animals and want to work with our clients to provide the best care possible for their four-legged family members.

As an example, sometimes owners can’t afford a large up-front payment for Parvo or Heartworm treatment. At East Lancaster, we are willing to stage the treatments for Parvo or Heartworm disease, so the client can pay as he goes and the animal can get what he needs to keep living a long and healthy life.

Of course, the most economical and least expensive method of handling Parvo, Distemper, Heartworm disease, or any other disease or parasite is prevention. At East Lancaster Animal Hospital, we educate each client on the preventative measures they can take to keep treatment from ever being necessary in the first place.

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Dr. Bob and his staff are wonderful! Everyone is friendly and genuinely cares for animals. I have taken my dog to other vets for an issue she had and I felt like the other vets did every test they could charge me for and I never got the right treatment. I took my dog to Dr. bob and he had a solution! My dog is well now. Their prices are reasonable too!

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